familyI am a software professional and often live in a virtual space with codes , artificial light and a hectic routine , often making you forget the smaller beauties in life .

My corner is just about everything I do apart from the routines of the day , to let my creativeness flow however clumsy it turns out to be . Ranging from a variety of topic from food to crafts to traveling to absolutely nothing and whining 🙂 . This space is not restricted to anything and rather is a amateur venture into the blogging world , so pour in your words of wisdom , some feedback some requests and soon it should shape up into something I want – My corner .

I have a lovely mother , who cooks absolutely lip smacking food , infarct she is so famous that my uncles used to invite themselves and ask her to cook much to the dismay of their wives . I try to collect some recipes from her and use my skills but cooking is not my personal favorite , rather as the ITians say – ‘Its just logic , put all the core ingredients , some if’s and buts , loop it and you have something edible ‘. And my learning efforts from my mom’s cooking and the clumsiness that follows in the kitchen and the experiments that my husband has to bear 🙂  . A sister , who loves doing absolutely nothing 😛 and just orders around and a father who is – well a father .


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