DIY: Bells from paper

Hello guys I’m back and this time I made cute bells from news paper and they look so realistic and better than actual bells.

I made beautiful wall hanging with these bells and hung it in my garden. It gave it an ethnic look with all primary colours.

you can use your favourite colours and make something new with the bells e.g. Decorating Christmas tree. Please post it so that I can get to see.



  • Paper/newspapers [lots of em]
  • glue [basic fevicol should do]
  • colors [poster colors , undiluted for richer look]
  • some mirrors , and motifs , transparent strings , motifs for decorations

Step1 :Make sticks out of the newspaper using a toothpick (or any other thin stick) as you can see in the below image and secure the end with glue.You will need many such sticks , make atleast 50-60 if you want many bells .

Step2:Start rolling it in circular manner without any gap as if you are making a plate. Stick another paper stick when the previous one ends and keep doing this until you get your desired radius.Secure the end with glue.

Step3:Push the centre of the newspaper plate that you made with your thumbs ,gently ,so that you can give it a bell /cone like shape. Brush the outside with glue using a paintbrush so that our bell becomes strong and let it dry.

Step4:You can use any color you want and paint the bell and also you can add small mirrors on it jus as I did and attach other motifs or ornaments .

Step 5 : Now that we have our bells , you can make a windchime or anything by attaching it to a transpatent thread and getting it into shape . See some of my samples below and try out your versions .

hope you enjoyed:)




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