DIY: Wall Hanging using sponge

Hello every one I am once again going to share another craft which I made last night.

I just rented a new place and it’s all empty so I thought to lighten up the room by making some crafts. My wall clock is small so to make it interesting I put the wall hanging behind it.

If you have sponges at home and don’t know what to do with it I have got the solution to it.


  • sponge
  • glitter powder
  • Fevicol or podge ( Fevicol and water in proportion for 2:1)
  • stick
  • ribbon
  • fish thread or transparent thread or any thread of your choice


Remember be as creative as possible don’t stick to my materials widen ur imagination you can use buttons colourful objects and threads. You can use photos and make a memories wall hanging as well.

imagine  if you increase it’s length then it can be used as beautiful partition curtains between kitchen and living area. Be creative:)

Method :

wrap the stick with ribbon and apply Fevicol at its ends.

now cut small cute shapes out of the sponge and apply podge on it with the help of paint brush and sprinkle glitter powder on it and let it dry the outcome will be amazing you can use these to make other stuffs too if you do please let me know :-p

i made use of some small plastic mirrors and pasted all these on fish thread as you can see in the image and tied it to the stick.

hope you get some other ideas looking at this if you do please share it with me 🙂 happy crafting:)


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