DIY: Wool lamp

Hello friends here another cheap and attractive hanging lamps that i enjoyed making. You’ll get to see yarn ball videos but to make an attractive lamp out of it is very easy.



  • wool yarns , left over yarns ,
  • flour/rice starch powder [you can also use readymade starch but it should be concentrated / wheat flours also works best ]
  • fevicol
  • serial lamps
  • balloon of your choice and shape , those inexpensive ones are the best , start with a small one first for experiment .

Take a bowl and add 2 cups of flour/ rice starch powder [basically any starch which stiffens the clothes crisp or you can use the flour]

4-5 spoons of Fevicol and 1/2-1 cup of water and mix it as shown in image till u get a semi solid semi liquid consistency. Be generous with feviocol , we need the shape to hold .

Dip the wool in it make it wet ( don’t worry about the colour of the liquid spoiling colour of wool it will dry and vanish) .

Start winding the wool around the baloon as shown in image. Get imaginative , its a little messy , you might want to secure your worktop with old newspapers , you can drape the wool dense or sparse as you like .

Let it dry overnight.If still wet let it dry more .

Burst the balloon and you will be left with beautiful yarn. The best way i find is , push the baloon with your fingers a little first gently so that the baloon is not sticking to the wool anywhere , this might take time , you need to be gentle and poke around every space to loosen the baloon from the wool lamp , once free from all the strings which were sticking to it , you can safely prick it .

Take the serial lamp and wind it around the yarn as shown in image take the serial lamp inside out of the balloon through the holes . you can get creative , add some crytals , some birds , some artifical flowers which reflect light and you have a beautiful lamp for few pennies .

hope you enjoy making it. 🙂







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