DIY: Pom Pom windchime

Thank you guys for coming across my site and liking them . I like doing creative things and thought of posting them , there’s so much you can do without spending and create decor for your room .img_0152

So today I came from work and to refresh myself thought of making something for my new room , I like windchimes , but they are so expensive and commercial these days I thought I will make only for myself which does not make noise , since my mom cant stand the constant noise it makes especially if one is asleep . I had some wool and threads handy and thought why not pom-pom windchimes , pom-poms looks quirky enough . This one is a basic , but you can attach shells , beads  , bells and make it a little more fancy .

Items needed:

Wool, scissors , unused cd (anything fancy and round where you can poke holes, or circular like bangles), cellotape , fish thread/transparent thread ,


How to make  Pom-Poms:

As shown in image take a wool and start winding in around your first two fingers as shown in image . Wind at least 50 times and then tie it in the middle tightly as shown in image. Cut the sides of winding with scissors as shown in image and trim the Pom Pom to make a perfect circle. Viola the Pom Pom is ready isn’t it easy . Make 7-8 such Pom poms. You can get creative and use multiple colored wool strings , to get a colorful pom-pom.



To make wind chime:

Tie the Pom Pom with fish thread or transparent thread of different lengths and paste it to the sides of an unused cd with cellophane tape as shown in image or you can make holes and tie them . If using a unused fancy bangle tie them at regular intervals , you can keep the length according to the shape you want .


Yeayy and it’s ready simple and easy attractive .


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