DIY : Recycled bottle lamps .



We usually throw away the glass bottles used for sauces , wines and whisky’s . Use any kinds of bottles and jars , be it coffee jars , jam jars or any glass bottles , re-use them to create cute Lamps for your home .

With Festive season coming in , lets make this inexpensive lamps to decorate your homes during diwali instead of spending money to buy the market based ones which is expensive and no-fun, isnt festivals all about hand decorating together with fun and food .

Items Required :

  • Empty wind bottles [I had some wines bottles which I used , use the ones you have handy]
  • Red wool or decorative string in a choice of color .[1-2 yarns]
  • Golden glitter or color of your choice .
  • Fevicol or adhesive of choice .
  • Short string of fairy lamps .

Method :

  • Using a string make a marking point , leave about 1/3 of bottle area from the neck .
  • Apply fevicol on the bottle from the bottom of string  till  the bottom , use a brush or sponge for easy application of fevicol , make sure the layer is thin and even.
  • sprinkle good amount of glitter on the portion where fevicol is applied,[reuse the excess glitter falling down ] and cover the entire area with glitter.
  • Alternative you can spread the glitter on the worktop and roll the bottle .
  • apply fevicol on remaining area of the bottle in turns and repeat the steps.
  • Remove the tied string .
  • Now starting from the top most point in the neck we need to tie the wool . I used a red wool since it goes with the golden glitter .
  • Tie a tight know at the top of the bottle in the groves . once done , apply a layer of fevicol in the portion left out and keep wrapping the wool in clock-wise rotation till it overlaps a  bit of the glitter region .
  • Now , once the desired length is reach , nicely clip the wool make sure the end is not sticking out , use fevicol to seal its end .
  • Now insert the short string of fairy light [I prefer yellow] , wrap a little on the outside of the bottle as it adds a nice touch .
  • Insert the plug and enjoy .

Tips :

  • You can create a series of bottles and connect them and switch them to be decorate your lawns .
  • You could also tie the wool strongly and make a hanging bottle , it really looks cool .
  • Add it to your bed stand besides your bed and it adds a romantic touch .
  • Create hand made customized bottles and its a good personalized gift.






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